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Full Name: Erin Marie Garrett
Nickname: Crash
DOB: May 24th

Height: 5'6"
Contest Weight: 112
Off-Season Weight: 115

Birthplace: Sacramento, CA
Residence: Dallas, TX
Training Since: 2001


Mornings: are coffee with fat free creamer, orange juice, MHP Pro-bolic-SR chocolate protein shake blended with one banana and also Activite sport multi-vitamin.

Afternoons: are a mix of either chicken, eggs, fish or soy protein and a serving of grains and veggies. I don't eat red meat and stay around 750-1000 calories per day and drink plenty of water. Before workouts, I take Thyro-Slim for a boost of energy so I can train harder and longer. Snacks are either grapefruit, sugar snap peas, red seedless grapes, carrots or apples.

Evenings: are green tea with natural honey, water and again chicken, eggs, fish or soy with a serving of veggies or soups like tomato or bean.


I don't really have an "off-season", so eating clean is imperative year-round. 

My favorite cheat foods: are cheese, chips and guacamole or sweet potato casserole ; )  


Releve, Probolic-SR Chocolate Protein, Activite Sport multi-vitamin and Thyro-Slim. Releve has been a great product for my left knee injury that occurred from playing football. Probolic is a very smooth protein that I use as a meal replacement and the multi-vitamin and Thyro-Slim give me the nutrients and energy for my day.

Working full-time in the world of entertainment, I have to get workouts in wherever I can. Being on set and filming as a stuntgirl for 12-18 hours can be difficult, but there are things that I do to stay strong and flexible.

On-set: Jumping off cars & buildings, running up and down stairs, hanging off moving vehicles and stage combat are some of the things I do for work that also keeps me in shape.

Downtime: I do short sprints and isometric exercises that don't require being in a gym. A variety of crunches, scissor kicks, leg raises, pushups and stretching are things I does on set or while on the road for other bookings. 

Football: While I played for the Lingerie Football League, my workouts consisted of 3 hour practices, 4 days per week- running routes, blocking, conditioning and my favorite-the drill that gave me the nickname "Crash"- crashing into tackling dummies and other players.

Gymnastics: I have a background in gymnastics as well, so when I do not get gym time, I alternate between light weight training and  utilize the aerobics rooms for a few hours of tumbling and dancing.     

Background: My education was in exercise physiology and vocal performance. I am also a certified personal trainer since 2007, a gymnastics coach since 2006, UCA cheerleading instructor and am currently still training as an actor and stunt actor.

Athletic Background: My athletic background includes cheerleading, gymnastics, volleyball, softball and most notably playing for the Lingerie Football League's Dallas Desire.

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